About Us

WESTPORT PARTNERS embellishes on our principles to provide the attention and quality expected from a small contractor. Our past experiences have given us the opportunity to provide this service and at the same time offer the level of sophistication and professionalism of a much larger company.

For development projects, we have the experience and the contacts to deal with City, County, State, and Federal regulatory agencies, coordinate engineering and land planning, review construction bids for utilities and streets, negotiate with utility companies, and manage the overall development of projects so that schedules are on time and budgets are met.

WESTPORT PARTNERS can offer our contracting services either competitively under a "Hard Bid" stipulated sum arena, as well as negotiated, "Cost Plus" or assist with "Design / Build"; all tailored to the individual clients needs. We also provide these services nationally. We can provide contractor licensing in many states throughout the United States, as well as assist in plan expeditions in individual city's related to permitting and obtaining government approvals.

I want to thank you for giving WESTPORT PARTNERS the opportunity to share with you our construction management services. The Officers and Directors of WESTPORT PARTNERS, have over forty-seven years of combined construction and development knowledge and experience. The opportunities we have experienced in our career achievements have molded our principles and given us an unequivocal understanding of what true quality construction and project management really means.

In construction management projects, our experience enable us to execute administrative tasks including pre-construction budgeting, cost accounting, value engineering, computerized scheduling, estimating, project control and warranty/close-out to complete any project competitively and expeditiously.

Our previous construction projects include prestigious national retail clients, restaurants, site development and commercial buildings. Our exposure to materials and construction methods on a national level makes WESTPORT PARTNERS one of the most creative and resourceful builders in assisting the discriminating owner requiring exclusive and unique designs or the cost conscious owner that requires economical options.

Thank you in advance for considering WESTPORT PARTNERS We look forward to hearing from you.